Sunday, April 20, 2008

New A-Z

A while ago I made an A-Z poster for my little one, Cherry, before she was born. She's just turned 1 year old so I though I would recreate the artwork with some new images, perhaps more recognisable to her. Here are the first three letters...


My design studio, New Future Graphic, are currently working with a great organization called We Are What We Do on a new book. I am making a few new images for the book, this is a test image that was made a while ago.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Graniph Japan

I have been working on some design for a range of T-shirts for Graniph in Japan. Not quite sure when they are coming out but here are some of test designs that won't be featured this time!

Some cards

Keeping on the theme of children I have just made some cards for Otto who is 1 and Isla who is 0!

Anorak Magazine

I did some illustrations for this story for the latest edition of Anorak magazine for kids. It's about a sock who loses his partner and then gets turned into a sock Monkey. I used a sock monkey made for Cherry by Hazel Nicholls, check out her blog.