Monday, December 18, 2006


Sometimes I have to draw out ideas sheets. This is one.


City Dreamer said...

Hey Marcus

Hope 2007 is rocking your Christmas socks off so far!

Really like this ideas sheet, and really loved your yogurt pot pirates strip for Anorak. Super nice.

After chatting with Oakers, i've got meself a blog now to. I can't update my website blog at the moment so it seemed like a worthwhile idea, which it has proved. Anyway there's some new and old stuff on there.

I've put a link to your blog.

hope all's swell at New Future, I passed on the message regarding the junior flash job to someone who would have been perfect, unfortunately he was too busy with other stuff involving Germans.

Hopefully see you when i'm next in London, sometime this year.

Unless you're going to Edinburgh for Marcus show at Analogue?

Cheerio for now


Simon said...

yum yum